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DataFile 2.0 and New Crime Scene Plug-In Released at AAFS Annual Meeting

Symbiosis Technologies is proud to release an updated version of DataFile™, its multi-media data management system. Now even more flexible and powerful, DataFile™ integrates video, audio, images, drag and drop diagrams, custom reports and 3rd party files into one easy to use format.

In addition, our expert plug-ins provide libraries of industry specific diagrams and reports to use with the core DataFile™ application. We've updated our Medical Examiner Plug-In and have released our new Crime Scene Plug-In to help forensic and criminal investigators document their findings, share them with colleagues and present them in court. More

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Those who will benefit from DataFile:

  • Medical Examiners | Forensic
  • Forensic Anthropologists
  • Forensic Odontologists
  • Forensic Detectives | Criminalists
  • Attorneys | District Attorneys
  • Judge and Jury
  • Police Officers
  • Universities offering degrees in
    the Criminal Justice and the
    Medicolegal profession

DataFile Medical Examiner Case File Plug-In Sparks New Media Interest in Cold Cases

An interview with the founder of Symbiosis Technologies highlights how investigators are using new technology to find new clues in unsolved murders.